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logo: Santa Clara County FireSafe Council
Mobilizing the people of Santa Clara County to protect their homes, communities and environment from wildfires

Mobilizing the people of Santa Clara County to protect their homes, communities and environment from wildfires

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PulsePoint - New app pinpoints local emergency events


When you hear the fire engine sirens, do you wonder where they are going? Are you tired of listening to your scanner and then missing the initial dispatch with the location? Do you want to know if that is a medical emergency or a structure fire or a wildfire nearby when it is hot and windy?

Yes, the radio or TV stations may help if it is a major incident. But do you want to know before they get there? Do you want to know so you can avoid the traffic? Do you wonder what is happening near the school where your kids are?

If yes, just download the PulsePoint Respond app for iOS or Android mobile device and you can see where they are going and what kind of a call they are responding to.

"PulsePoint Respond is an enterprise-class, software-as-a-service (SaaS) pre-arrival solution designed to support public safety agencies working to improve cardiac arrest survival rates through improved bystander performance and active citizenship. Where adopted, PulsePoint Respond empowers everyday citizens to provide life‐saving assistance to victims of sudden cardiac arrest."

But it does so much more. As I am writing this, I can see that San Jose Fire is responding to frequent Medical Emergencies along with a Rescue a few minutes ago. And I can see which units are dispatched, which incidents are still active and, with one click, I see the location for each incident on a map. Structure and Vegetation Fires are mixed in with this when they occur.

PulsePoint Map
PulsePoint Map

Don't care what they are doing in San Jose? How about County Fire? Or CAL FIRE in the South Santa Clara County Fire Protection District? Or Palo Alto Fire? Just pick the agencies or areas that are important for you. And fine tune the notifications you want to receive. You'll have useful information when you need it and you'll also appreciate more what our firefighters are doing every day – and night.

"PulsePoint is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to make it much easier for citizens who are trained in CPR to use their life saving skills to do just that...save lives! Through the use of modern, location-aware mobile devices PulsePoint is building applications that work with local public safety agencies to improve communications with citizens and empower them to help reduce the millions of annual deaths from Sudden Cardiac Arrest."

If you are trained in CPR, there's more for you with this app. For the rest of us, here's a service we can use and a cause we can support. It should be interesting when we have the next big wildfire.


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