Key Project Dates:

  • Project dates – August 2021 (rough estimate)

The Santa Clara County Fire Safe Council in cooperation with CAL Fire and Caltrans are proposing an Escape Route project on Highway 9, located in Saratoga California. The project implementation will serve to enhance fire resiliency by reducing ladder fuels, creating shaded fuel breaks, reducing invasive species, and improving escape routes. This project will add to Santa Clara County’s developing shaded fuel break system and provide opportunities to protect or manage watersheds from future wildfires. Additionally, reducing competition in the understory and treating hazard trees where feasible will create a healthier and more vigorous forest. 

In order to increase the effectiveness of the escape route and to complete the work, we need community participation. To have the brush cleared along your parcel please sign and mail the RIGHT OF ENTRY PERMIT found below to:

Santa Clara County FireSafe Council
Attn: Hwy 9 Escape Route
14380 Saratoga Avenue
Saratoga, CA 95070-5953

Click on the graphic to download the file.

SCCFSC will organize the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) into a cooperative partnership where each agency provides resources to accomplish a common goal.

AHJ contributions may be resources, permissions and or funding to be determined by the agency representative.

When outside vendors are needed SCCFSC will serve as the project coordinator, issue purchase orders and pay invoices to selected contractors.

Project Location:

The section of Highway 9 that we will be doing starts from the bridge at Sanborn Road to Highway 35. We will be treating both sides of the road and the location is shown on the clickable map below.

Area General Plan:

The project is 4.9 miles from start to finish, both sides of the road for a total length of 9.8 miles. Project duration will depend on several factors and may be done in separate segments depending on availability of contractors and partners.

Goals for this project:

We will be clearing hazardous vegetation within 15’ – 30’ from the road edge to create a safe egress in the event of a fire. This will also reduce the risk of a roadside fire escaping into the wildland. This route is a vital evacuation route for many residents that live along Hwy 9 as well as along Skyline Blvd. It is also a main alternate route for those residents along the Highway 17 Corridor as it is one of the only other routes through the area. The work extends beyond the highway right of way that Caltrans treats as part of their regular maintenance. There are local distribution lines present along the entire corridor and transmission lines cross the project area. We have already treated the north side of the road from downtown Saratoga to Sanborn road. Providing continuity with other projects and working towards a cohesive network of fuel breaks and evacuation routes that are of the highest priority in our Countywide Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).