The City of Saratoga has provided funds to assist City of Saratoga residents with the cost of removing dead trees. A pilot program was implemented last year. Some changes to the program have been made based on the experiences of the pilot program. Funds are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. The Santa Clara County Fire Safe Council (SCCFSC) is managing this program on behalf of the City of Saratoga. Reimbursement will be 50% of the actual cost or the amount listed in the rebate schedule below, whichever is less. Rebates are capped at $1,000 per applicant.

Program Requirements
  • Property must be in the City of Saratoga city limits
  • Only dead trees larger than 6″ diameter 36″ above the ground are eligible for this program
  • Property must also be within a Wildland Urban Interface areaClick to check your location
  • Only one tree removal grant per APN
  • Applicant must have a HIZ inspection completed to be eligible for this program. A trained representative of the FireSafe Council will provide the HIZ at no cost and provide applicant with recommendations for defensible space and home hardening
  • Work must be bid and completed by a tree or lansdscape contractor licensed in California
  • Cost share will based on 50% of the actual cost not to exceed the attached rebate schedule
  • A free tree removal permit is required from the City of Saratoga to remove certain dead trees. Submit your application and photos of the dead tree(s) on the City of Saratoga website
  • Rebate will be provided to homeowner upon project completion with evidence of project completion and payment to contractor
  • The receipt from the contractor must be for only removal of the dead tree and this must be explicit on the receipt. Costs for stump grinding or hauling away the tree/chips are not eligible for the rebate
  • Trees must not be removed prior to the HIZ assessment and approval of your application
  • Project must be completed within 60 days of application approval. Thereafter funds will bereallocated to other applicants
  • A copy of your tree removal permit and photos of the dead tree must be submitted with your application

Funding is not guaranteed and project approval will depend on compliance with program criteria. Applicant will execute projects in accordance with State and Local requirements.

For more information, send email to: Phone: (408) 975-9591