The goal is to remove hazard trees that are leaning or could fall into the pavement. We would remove the roadside fuel that could fall and block the road in the event of a fire or would make the roadway extremely hot and unsafe to travel on. The roadside work would make passage during a wildfire safer with reduced radiant heat, cooler pavement, and less chance of falling debris. The result will be an evacuation route where leaf litter, brush, and lower limbs of trees (“ladder fuels”) and dead or down trees will be removed. This project benefits you,  your neighbor, and firefighters alike. It would allow residents to exit this area and firefighting equipment to travel to this area safely.

In order to proceed with the work, we need private landowner’s permission to allow our crews to work on 10’ of your property next to the road. Areas with maintained landscaping, shrubs, and trees along the road will not be disturbed. If your property is fenced, we will not be working inside of the fence unless specifically asked to do so. We may determine that work is not needed on your property. The RIGHT OF ENTRY PERMIT is downloadable below.

Click on the graphic to download the file.