The project Mt. Madonna / Summit Road Escape Route is located on the Santa Clara County/Santa Cruz County Border, which includes the following roads: Summit Rd, Mt. Madonna Rd., and Pole Line Rd.

We are planning to treat both sides of the road in Santa Clara and Santa Cruz County.
This project will be broken out into multiple phases. Phase 1 commencing summer 2021.
Please click on the map to zoom in on the different phases.

Start Location: Intersection of Highway 152 (Hecker Pass Hwy) & Pole Line Road.
End Location:  Intersection of Loma Prieta Ave. & Summit Road.
Length of Treatment of Road: 14.5 Miles 

We will be clearing hazardous vegetation within 30’ from the road edge to create a safe egress in the event of a wildfire. This will also reduce the risk of a roadside fire escaping into the wildland.  This route is a vital evacuation route for many residents that live along Summit Road, Mt Madonna County Park, and access roads that intersect with Summit Road, it is one of the only other routes through the area. 

In order to increase the effectiveness of the escape route and to complete the work, we need community participation. To have the brush cleared along your parcel please sign and mail the RIGHT OF ENTRY PERMIT found below to:

Santa Clara County FireSafe Council
Attn: Mt Madonna/Summit Escape Route
14380 Saratoga Avenue
Saratoga, CA 95070-5953

Click on the graphic to download the file.

Scope of Work

Work within 30-50 feet of roads and driveways: 

  • Remove small trees under 6” diameter; leave stumps in the ground.
  • Remove dead trees; Leave wood/logs over 6” diameter that cannot be chipped on site.
  • Remove tree limbs under 3” diameter a minimum of 8 feet above grade or three times the height of any remaining undergrowth fuel layer, whichever is higher.
  • For small trees, remove branches from lower 2/3 of tree, or up to 8 feet, whichever is less.
  • Remove any dead woody vegetation. 
  • Remove shrubs (ladder fuels) under and next to trees; cut off branches above the ground; leave root systems intact.
  • Selectively remove some shrubs and smaller trees to create spacing between tree canopies or shrub groups. Break up continuous vegetation into smaller groupings.
  • Chip material generated by above activities; chips will be left on the property at a location acceptable to the property owner and the FireSafe Council contractor.