The La Paloma Road Evacuation Route Project in Los Altos Hills, California, provides an important route of egress route for a significant portion of the western area of the Los Altos Hills Community in the event of a wildfire evacuation. To secure the integrity of this route, Los Altos Hills County Fire District and Santa Clara County FireSafe Council propose a roadside treatment of hazardous fuels.

Project Dates:

  • June 3rd – June 14th

Project site:

The La Paloma Road evacuation route project will treat three roads along the evacuation route. These include Purisima Road, La Paloma Road, and West Wind Way.

The South-Western end of the project is located at the intersection of Purissima Road & Robleda Road and the North-Eastern end of the project is located at the intersection of La Paloma Road & Fremont Road.

The total treatment of the project is approximately 1.6 miles in length which equates to 3.2 miles of treatment when accounting for both sides of the route.


Goals for this project:
The goals of this project are to trim woody vegetation, prune trees, clear dead material and clear any hazard trees that may fall onto the roads. This project will provide an effective evacuation route during a wildfire, improve visibility and travel safety and to reduce the risk of roadside fire ignition.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the evacuation route and to complete the work, we need community participation. To have the brush cleared along your parcel please sign and mail the RIGHT OF ENTRY PERMIT (ROE) by May 17, 2024, found below to:

Santa Clara County FireSafe Council
Attn: La Paloma Road Evacuation Route Project
14380 Saratoga Avenue
Saratoga, CA 95070-5953

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