The Santa Clara County Fire Safe Council is proposing a fuel break maintenance project on Charcoal Road, located in Saratoga California. We will be preforming vegetation maintenance along the area of Charcoal Road that was treated several years ago. We are not proposing to add additional acres. This Fuel Break (FB) is a primary holding line running east and west, and will be critical during a wildfire.

 The implementation of this project will serve to enhance fire resiliency by maintaining the shaded fuel break, reducing ladder fuels, reducing invasive species, and improving the path of travel for fire crews along the fuel break in the event of a wildfire. This project will add to Santa Clara County’s developing shaded fuel break system and provide opportunities to protect or manage watersheds from future wildfires. Additionally, reducing competition in the understory and treating hazardous trees where feasible will create a healthier and more vigorous forest. 

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Project Location:

This maintenance project starts where Charcoal Road intersects with Skyline boulevard and continues Northeast along Charcoal Road to the head waters of Stevens Creek. We will be treating both sides of the road.

Project Date:

  • Start date: September 5th 2022 


SCCFSC will organize the jurisdictions having authority (JHA) into a cooperative partnership where each agency provides resources to accomplish a common goal. JHA contributions may be resources, permissions, and or funding to be determined by the agency representative. When outside vendors are needed, SCCFSC will; serve as the project coordinator, issue purchase orders, and pay invoices to selected contractors.

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Goals for this project:

We will be preforming vegetation maintenance by clearing hazardous vegetation within 15’ – 30’ from the road edge to create a safe egress in the event of a fire. This will also reduce the risk of a roadside fire escaping into the wildland. This route is a vital evacuation route for park visitors as well as some residents who live along Skyline Blvd. There are local distribution lines present along the entire corridor and transmission lines cross the project area. This project will provide continuity with other projects and working towards a cohesive network of fuel breaks and evacuation routes that are of the highest priority in our Countywide Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).