The Santa Clara County FireSafe Council (SCCFSC) is awarding five (5) mini-grants for its Neighbor-to-Neighbor Cost Sharing Program. Grants will be awarded for neighborhood fire prevention projects, matching cost-share assistance, of up to $5,000 per neighborhood. Funding is available on a first come first served basis.

Contractors will be hired directly by applicants and the SCCFSC will reimburse applicants upon being provided evidence of project completion and payment to the contractors. Contractors must be licensed in the state of California. SCCFSC will reimburse 50% of the project costs, not to exceed $5,000 per neighborhood.

To have your project considered for funding please complete the application below.

Submission of an application is not a guarantee of funding, you will receive notification from the SCCFSC if your rebate application is approved. 

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Cost Sharing Program Application

Please fill out the form below and follow the instructions within.

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