SCCFSC offers a 90-minute workshop for adults that are geared towards community groups of 10-30 houses, such as a road or a neighborhood that would benefit from planning evacuations as a group. Learn about wildfire evacuation preparedness, planning, resources and execution in your area. Get to know your neighbors and help each other to be safer!

Wildfire Safety and Prevention Workshops

Wildfire Evacuation Workshop Sample Agenda

  1. Neighbor and presenter introductions
  2. Workshop Goals (PowerPoint presentation)
    1. Defensible Space and Ember Aware concepts
    2. Ready, Set Go Action Plan checklists
    3. Emergency Kit give-away, contents review and checklist
    4. Begin to assemble your “Go Bag”, demo bag and contents review/discussion
    5. Go over your community evacuation map
    6. Create your family emergency plan
    7. How to add yourself to reverse 911, SCCAlert
  3. Share info
    1. Question & Answer
    2. Opportunity to trade info with attendees
    3. Additional resources

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