We hope you are all remaining healthy and safe. Santa Clara County FireSafe Council is now operating remotely from our staff’s network of home offices. All our personnel are connected and able to continue many tasks. We recognize that fire season and fire safety won’t wait so here is how we can help.

Will Community Chipping continue?
Yes, vegetation management for fire safety is recognized as an essential service by both the state and county health orders.

2020 community chipping program is no longer accepting applications. Check back in Spring 2021 for our schedule and applications on our chipping page

Can I still request a workshop or education event?
Yes, you may submit a request through the forms on our website; We are offering video presentations.

Can I schedule a Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) assessment?
HIZ assessments will be discontinued until January 5th, 2021 or a new order is issued.

Is SCCFSC going to do video workshops?
We are currently offering some Zoom workshops and some in-person meetings, according to county regulations.