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  • Piles must be along established roadways or driveways.

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  • I have completed the requirements on the first page of this form and I own or am the legal occupier of the property with full authority for authorizing the services that will be performed, and hereby agree and consent to Santa Clara County Fire Safe Council (“SCFSC”) entering my property for purposes of arranging for the performance of services of any type in connection with this program.

    1. I agree to allow SCFSC and a contractor(s) designated by SCFSC under this program access onto my property.
    2. I agree that:
      • Any chipped material will be blown back onto my property unless otherwise arranged with SCFSC and the contractor and that I must comply with their decisions on where chips are deposited.
      • Tree trunks and limbs that the SCFSC contractor determines are too large to be chipped will be cut up and left on my property.
      • Schedules are determined by the contractor and that I may not be called to arrange for chipping or other services on a specific date and time of my choosing.
      • SCFSC is not obligated to provide services under this program and is not liable for its failure to provide for services, nor for the performance of services under this program other than per Paragraph 4 below.
      • SCFSC's funds for this program’s services are limited and that SCFSC may refuse to provide service to anyone.
      • I am responsible for any environmental compliance concerns that arise in connection with the services provided by SCFSC under this program (for more information, click here).
    3. I understand that 100 feet of Defensible Space around my home (or to my property line) is required by law (for more information, click here).
    4. 4. In consideration of my accepting SCFSC’s Defensible Space Chipping Program’s free services on behalf of myself, any spouse of mine, successors in interest, and assigns (collectively “me” or “I”), I agree to waive, release, and refrain from suing SCFSC and its officers, directors, participants, coordinators, employees, independent contractors, and volunteers (collectively “SCFSC Parties”) for any and all liability claims for injury, death, loss, damage, and/or destruction of any property which is connected in any way with SCFSC Parties’ Defensible Space Chipping Program’s free services, except for those arising out of SCFSC Parties’ willful misconduct. Any third party service providers who perform the actual service of chipping and/or creating the Defensible Space on my property, are not covered by my above-stated waiver.
    5. 5. I have read this application, understand its terms, and voluntarily have entered into these agreements.