What is the Santa Clara County Firesafe Council (SCCFSC)?

The SCCFSC is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals, agencies and businesses that share a common, vested interest in preventing and reducing losses from wildfires. All residents of Santa Clara County are welcome and encouraged to get involved to help fulfill our mission.

What is SCCFSC's mission?

“Mobilizing the people of Santa Clara County to protect their homes, communities and environment from wildfires.”

How does the SCCFSC accomplish its mission?

SCCSFC takes a three-pronged approach to meeting its objective in the community. We provide:

  1. Wildfire evacuation workshops
  2. Firewise USA workshops
  3. Hazardous Fuel Reduction information

What qualifications do I need to get involved with SCCFSC?

No special qualifications are needed, just an interest in helping us build a safer community by becoming better prepared for wildfire. Any and all residents of Santa Clara County are welcome to help us fulfill our mission. Check out our Volunteer opportunities or consider joining our Board.

Is the SCCFSC a City or a County agency?

The SCCFSC is not a City or a County agency, it is a non-profit organization. We frequently collaborate with CAL FIRE, Santa Clara County Fire and regional fire districts on a variety of projects.

Does the SCCFSC fight fires?

The SCCFSC does not fight fires, but some of our staff, board members and advisors are active or retired firefighters.

How is the SCCFSC funded?

The bulk of our funding comes from local partners and residents of the wildland-urban interface areas. See our Annual Report for more information. While federal and state grants provide a significant amount of support for ongoing projects, donations from the local community is crucial to our success.The SCCFSC appreciates every donation, large or small.

How do I sign up for the Community Chipping Program

SCCFSC’s Community Chipping Program is a service that is provided each spring to residents who live on property in Santa Clara County’s Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI). Chipping Applications are available now. Click here

What is the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) for Santa Clara County?

The CWPP is a strategic plan with goals for creating a safer wildland urban interface community. The purpose of the CWPP is to assist in protecting human life and reducing property loss due to wildfire throughout the planning area.

How do I contact the SCCFSC?

Santa Clara County FireSafe Council
1430 Saratoga Ave.
Saratoga, CA 95070-5953